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Driving Monitoring System

We unveil our revolutionary Driver Monitoring System (DMS). At Smaraf, we prioritize road safety, and our DMS is a cutting-edge solution designed to monitor and analyze driver behavior in real-time. By leveraging advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence, our DMS aims to prevent accidents caused by drowsiness, distraction, and other hazardous driving practices.

Why Driver Monitoring System (DMS)?

As road safety becomes a pressing concern, it is essential to address the issue of driver behavior. According to studies, a significant percentage of accidents are caused by driver-related factors, such as drowsy or distracted driving. Our DMS comes to the rescue by actively monitoring the driver and providing timely alerts, ensuring safer journeys for everyone on the road.


Key features of a Driving Monitoring System include

Using embedded computer vision and AI, Driver Sense tracks head pose, blink rate, direction of gaze and other visual attributes to establish if the driver is focused on the road, distracted or drowsy. The detection of driver state enables our customers to deliver real-time life-saving alerts to the driver.

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