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Rajant Network

The Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology, provided by Smaraf SARL, sets itself apart from traditional wireless networking solutions by employing a unique communication approach. Instead of relying on fixed infrastructure like access points or base stations, the Kinetic Mesh® network establishes dynamic connections between wireless devices, such as nodes or access points, as they come within range of each other. This creates a self-healing and self-optimizing network capable of handling challenging environments with mobility and robustness. Smaraf SARL offers this solution to cater to the needs of industries and applications that require continuous communication in dynamic and demanding environments.

Rajant's Resilient Wireless Connectivity by Smaraf SARL

Smaraf SARL offers Rajant's technology, specifically designed for industries where continuous and reliable wireless connectivity is critical. These industries include mining, oil and gas, military, public safety, transportation, and various industrial applications. Rajant's solution provides the ability to establish a resilient wireless mesh network, even in remote or harsh conditions, making it suitable for use cases where traditional wired or cellular networks may not be feasible. Smaraf SARL provides this cutting-edge technology to meet the demanding communication needs of these industries and ensure seamless connectivity in challenging environments.

Rajant Network Features

The key features of the Rajant network include

Kinetic Mesh® networks work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets, delivering robust applications in real-time.

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