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Rfid Tracking

Welcome to the world of efficient and accurate cobalt bag tracking with the cutting-edge SMARAF RFID Tracking system. Our advanced technology enables seamless tracking of cobalt bags throughout the supply chain using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
Historically, cobalt bag management and tracking were often done manually, leading to errors, losses, and limited visibility along the supply chain. This is where the SMARAF RFID Tracking system comes into play to address this challenge.

How SMARAF RFID Tracking Works

Our system employs RFID technology to assign a unique identifier to each cobalt bag as soon as it enters the supply chain. These identifiers are stored in a centralized database and associated with information such as date, time, location of each movement, and more.

Smaraf Rfid Tracking

Benefits of SMARAF RFID Tracking

The SMARAF RFID Tracking system provides efficient management of cobalt bags in the supply chain through advanced technology that eliminates human errors and ensures accurate tracking.

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